Problems I Solve

Let’s be honest, businesses and professionals know they need lots of help with marketing, but what they really want to know is “How Can You Solve My Problems?”

Here are the problems I solve:
social-media-overload2“How do you know what programs to focus on first?”

“We are posting regularly on social media but we are not getting any real results.”

Our staff needs training on social media sites (set up and posting) but we just don’t know what to focus on”

I’m frustrated with our marketing and would like to have leads coming in instead of us paying for Ads and sales.”

“I know we could be an industry leader but we can’t seem to get a good online presence.”

“I don’t know where to start with Social Media Marketing.”

“Does my business even need a Marketing Strategy?”

“How do I compete with businesses that have a staff to do their marketing?”

“Our staff is older and I am just sure I can get them to do social media”

“Our Website design is outdated and we just need some guidance to get it back on track”

“What is Inbound Marketing? Isn’t that something only big businesses use?”

“We are overwhelmed trying to figure out where marketing focus should be?”

“All this talk about Branding is so confusing. What does it have to to do with our marketing and social media?”

“Isn’t email marketing dead now? If it is, why do I need to keep building a big email list?”

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