Linkedin online social network
Linkedin is a social networking website for people in professional occupations and businesses. As of December 2016 more than 467 million users in more than 200 countries.

 Why is LinkedIn Important?

  1. When was the last time your boss asked you for a creative solution? (and I mean asked for one and then actually put you in charge of getting it implemented?)
  2. When was the last time you were recognized for your time and effort on solving customers problems?
  3. High-fived for the incredible job you did on making the company look good?
  4. How do you think it would feel to be known as an industry expert and then get offers to utilize those skills every single day?

Think of all the benefits being found as an expert:

  • More job and project opportunities
  • More connections with people who value your work
  • More recognition for your ideas and talents
  • More money to do what you are really good at

Every single person on the planet has these amazing opportunities with a professionally branded LinkedIn profile. This is not just a place to post a resume and then wait uncomfortably for opportunities to knock, but it is a platform to be an authority on the things that matter you.

The opportunities are yours for the asking—

  • whether you want to transition into a new role,
  • move up through a particular company,
  • or begin the process of going off on your own path as a thought leader.

All it takes is a LinkedIn strategy by someone who knows how to help you get found!

LET ME WARN YOU: By making the commitment to focus your time and energy on your business career goals– you risk finding opportunities for the recognition for your talents, offers to change jobs, earn more income, and the reality of waking up each day excited to offer creative solutions that have an impact. THIS ISN’T FOR EVERYONE

Professional Programs:

#1 Choose Your Goal:

Are You Looking For A Change In Your Career And Want To Get A Foothold In The Digital World? 

Basic: If you need to create or polish up your outdated LinkedIn profile so that people can see your true skills and value, here is where you need to start.

  • Resume review & revision
  • Profile image worksheet
  • Social Media/Digital Footprint check
  • Sections outline, populated and optimized for goals
  • Recommendation guidelines, templates, and review
  • Optimization (see below)
  • Two sessions for development + Ongoing support
  • 2 edits $679  [if you upgrade within 6 months this will be a credit]

Are You Looking To Uncover Job Opportunities With Social Networking? 

Core: If you need the insider view on how to use LinkedIn to reach out to your dream companies and contacts (discretely), here is where we start. 

  • Above+
  • Expanded skills worksheet
  • Recommendations expanded
  • Contacts & Groups focus
  • Prospecting detail (direction & depth) or Job strategy and resume
  • 2 + 2 sessions  $979 with ongoing support
    [if you upgrade within 6 months this will be a credit]
  • It is preferable that I have access to your profile.
  • Usually for solid personal brands who need sales direction or aggressive job hunters

Ready To Boost Your Thought Leadership &Career Growth?

Brand Option: If you need help in developing your “digital” unique executive brand expertise by creating and polishing your social media footprint. Here is where we start.

  • Above+
  • Branding Strategy (personal coupled with business)
  • Website review & collaboration with profile
  • Business Page creation/Revision
  • Allows for a consistent “branded” presentation
  • Content themes reviewed and outlined
  • 3 month follow up and edits $1479
    [if you upgrade within 6 months this will be a credit]

Expand Your Expertise Into A Business

Business Complete Option: Develop your digital footprint through thought leadership and content strategy

  • Above+
  • Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, and Personal Story Development.
  • The “complete” is the extra boost to your brand.
  • We will create an outline of the year ahead as a thought leader to grow your business.
  • Identifying and expanding on what you and your brand have to say.
  • Creation of your branding strategy: content themes, subjects, schedule, clear “creative” goals
  • Direction and strategy for posts, activity, and cross population of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) including personal and business page development.
  • 3 & 6 month follow-up and edits $1979

Note: Expanding into a business needs a more complete social media footprint to really grow.  Depending on your business, industry, and goals we can discuss options to add a business profile on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, or Twitter at an additional set cost.

Optimization Includes

  • Keyword Research
  • LinkedIn Skills Optimized
  • Career Experiences / Positions
  • Education & Schools
  • Profile Headline
  • Profile Summary
  • Vanity Profile Domain Optimized
  • Professional Photo Chosen
  • Attention Getting Bullets
    ✔ | ★ ► ✉ ☎
  • Writing Edits / Revisions
  • Website URL Name Optimized
  • Review Of Your Current Profile
  • Install Your New Profile

NOTE: Every plan will impact your opportunities.

Confidentiality: Your privacy is paramount to my business so rest assured that your secrets are safe with me. I ask that my materials remain private.

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