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One of the most overlooked aspects of digital posting is the use of appropriate color.

My favorite resource is from Pantone Color Resource  They publish each Season’s newest colors–trends and in-demand themes for fashion and home.  Take advantage of their research and begin to incorporate the season’s newest, hottest colors in your headers, newsletters, emails, and social media posts.

We Think With Our Eyes

Never forget that our brains are processing trillions of bits of data every single second. That is why images are such a strong part of your content strategy, but color is processed like an image.  The brain gobbles it up like ice cream on a hot summer day.  Make your seasons pop by using colors to highlight your business materials being shared across the Internet.  Don’t overdue it, of course!  But use color–relevant colors.


And if you want to go a step further….look at what the story is behind the colors


How fun is it use Niagara when you want to showcase how dependable your products are?  Or are you talking about that great escape on the weekend?  How about Island Paradise.  Pantone doesn’t just pick these out of thin air.  They are researched and offered to anyone who wants to set themselves apart.


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