We Are Creators, Not Consumers.

inspiringwallpapers.net-lion2-1024x768Reprinted from LinkedIn

The power of content is what lives inside our greatest ideas.

The intellectual depth, desire to know and creative intelligence that we each possess is absolutely astounding. Most of us become paralyzed by the process of harnessing our gifts into words.

Plagued by fears of not knowing enough and guilt over the envy of those who do, we become the hunted. Chemicals drip from the brain and into our bodies alerting us that we must fight or take flight. Some of us anger at the thought and others turn vengeful, envious and devious.

But being envious of others doesn’t make us bad people, it is merely an indicator of what has been missing in our lives.

Think about the fear and inadequacy you feel and then use that information to begin to develop your own thoughts.  Adrenaline is a chemical that pushes athletes to the finish line. It makes students embed themselves in-all-nighters over materials that fill them completely. And it is the chemical that creates a struggle to live fully.

This weekend take an hour to sit down and create something. We are giant spirits with experience and talents, dreams and aspirations that are not to be feared, but to be expressed.

Write about these things.

  • What do you know?
  • What problems do you solve?
  • What are the values and beliefs that have guided your life and career?


Thought Leadership

Don’t let the rumblings of smallness hold you back from sharing your thought leadership. Someone needs to hear your voice of reason among all the noise of solicitation and false promises.  Someone needs your super-power to lift them out of their small body and call them to greatness. Someone needs you to create content that will lead them to their finish line.

One hour.

Be the creator

and there will be people who need you and follow.

Post links to your one-hour thoughts and writings–I know that I too need inspiration and the voice of experience.

Maria Bereket is a  Marketing & Social Media Consultant. Her work is focused on bridging the gap in the digital divide, and her passion is working with small business owners because she feels that their work is going to change the world making it a better place to live. Follow @mbear88  or email

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