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What is Your Profile Really Saying About You?


When people take a look at your professional life there are two ways: Your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

They are one in the same.  You, your skills, your experience, your passion.  So what is the best way to figure out what your profile is saying about you?  Here are three quick tips.

  1. Word Cloud. The amazing thing about word clouds is that the computer will go through what you have written and pull out the words, count them, and then display visually the most often used words.  Once you pull out the grammatical words what you have left is what your colleagues, recruiters and potential employers see.  It is the essence of your work life.   Choose the top 20 words and this is the core of what you are telling people. I use linkedin
  2. Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words.  We all know this is true, but we fail to “see” our own image as something worthwhile.  Sure we are older, heavier, grayer, but we are who we are and if we want people to trust us then we need to show our faces so that people like and trust us.  Make sure you are showing your face.  Make sure you are smiling, even slightly.  Make sure it’s not too casual or awkward.  Artsy is for artists.  Go to to get an idea of what people think of your profile shot. 05-misleading-first-impressions-1.w1120.h1382
  3. Your Profile Heading.  So you work at ABC company as an XYZ.  Big deal.  Unless that is some really hot stuff and you are totally happy with telling the world that, then no worries.  But, if you are like most people, is that what you tell people?  Do you get excited when you tell people that?  Then figure out what makes you excited about what you do and put that in your profile heading.  Go back to the word cloud and find the words that you are…passionate trainer, detailed engineer, creative writer, entrepreneur, visionary, strategist….what makes you different from all the other XYZ’s who do what you do?   Take some time and figure out the keywords that will make your profile POP.  Mirror that on your resume too.  Go ahead, be who you are!photo dec


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