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8 Key Visual Trends in Marketing

Imagery, imagery, imagery

Getty images have been blowing this horn for years, but recently they changed their whole arsenal of stock photos to include descriptions you can search by the following trends. These trends are key when you are trying to find new ways to tell the stories of our brands. It is not just our words, but the images that resonate with our emotional need to join in the conversation.

So how do we “speak” the language of the branded story?

Here is the horrible truth: the selfie –even if you despise it–has redefined our need for the authentic look and feel, and its not a world of “self-absorbed” teenagers, it is the way everyone wants to be addressed in advertising and media: REAL.

Keep in mind the visual facts here: Our eyes are able to process billions of images and information every second in our day. We are thrown sounds, colors, light, words, and wavelengths that pull our attention away or into a message.

We think with our eyes.

Our eyes pull our attention into the world around us and acts as first-line filter to what we will stop and read.

#1 Authenticity:

Real people, Instagram-like photos. Source: Nike

#2 Glitch Aesthetics:

Messy, unexpected, double exposure. Source: Donna Karin

#3 Blurred:

Out of focus, user-generated, Polaroid feel. Source: Ataxia Non-profit.

#4 POV:

Point of View, raw and unfiltered: Source: Instagram

#5 Female Rising:

Women as strong, athletic, and in control. Source: Fidelity

#6 Dad as Important:

Connecting to their children. Source: Huggies

#7 Body 2.0:

Being comfortable in our own skin. Source: Aerie

#8 The New Old:

Seniors are not put out to pasture. Source: First Independent Bank.

These are the defining visual moments of marketing.

How are you getting in on this conversation? What can we as Marketers do to guide our clients to this visually important trend?

Post originally written for LinkedIn:

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