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Must Have PR Tool: Infographic on the Press Release

Some small business tools are so absolutely amazing that you have to share it everywhere!

pR front pr back

This infographic (created by Small Business PR) is perfect for anyone trying their hand at writing a Press Release.

With the slow down of the printed press, people today assume that sending out press releases are dead and gone, but don’t be fooled.  Local newspapers have a strong and powerful reach within a community; and if your business is hosting an event, launching a new product, or sponsoring any kind of experience that involves the community you serve–then do a press release.

KEY POINT:  just be sure to include that bottom boiler point paragraph about who you are and how you fit the community you are serving. This offers news editors a chance to find local business heroes.  The more you take part in your community, the more support you will find there for the success of your business!


Have a good Press Release story to tell?  Share it with us.

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