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Dove is at it again

I have grown up with Dove Soap.  The lightweight, white bar that has nothing in it that would harm a baby.

Instant brand identification.

Well Dove has been doing something else besides selling soap products.  They are reaching out to women and creating a connection with the basic core of who they are: beautiful.  The Dove Patch.


It is the second in a series of YouTube Videos about becoming beautiful.  And they have done their homework too.

Someone in their boardroom asked: What about the woman who don’t feel beautiful?

Um-mm, that might be most women today.  How can a woman compete with models and actresses who look fabulous, thin, youthful, healthy?  Sure, anyone can get a personal trainer, a chef, a health coach, even plastic surgery…if they made a million dollars a movie, but most people, most women, make under $50,000 a year, and all of that personal stuff just isn’t in the budget.

But Dove has found out how to make a woman beautiful without a million dollar salary, and its not in their soap. 

Someone at Dove was paying attention.

Dove Patches2

It is in “you”, the person looking in the mirror.  They are creating a campaign of beauty that is telling women that it starts with you, your thoughts. What we think is what we are.  It is the best social campaign about connections that I have ever seen.

So how can we make connections that resonate with our customers like that?  What are the insecurities they feel about coming to us for our products and services?  The awesomeness of the Dove campaign is not about selling, it is about understanding and support.  Its about making connections in a fast paced, impersonal world.

How can you make those same connections?  How would you start to find them?  And how would you share them with your customers?

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