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Outdated Blog

Recently I had post show up on my Facebook news feed: ” Hey, I just updated my blog. Please take a look….”

I was excited because I don’t hear much from this business.  I clicked and found a very nice looking Blog.  It has what I call “sneaky” posts, because they have no dates attached to them, but her last post was talking about an event that she was speaking at in October 2011!

Hello, its April 2014 and we are all busy people.  Bogging posts everyday is not possible for everyone (for most people), blogging once a month is challenge, but less than one post per year?  And then you announce it to the masses because you have nothing better to say? Really?

This is my number one pet peeve of any social media.  And I am not free and clear here, in fact I am to blame as well.  Spending so much time on other people’s content that I forget to even do my own!  When people ask me to review their “Social Media” I find that outdated posts (on any site) are worse than not having a site at all.  It is telling your potential clients that you have nothing to say, and I know that everyone has something to say.


Content is everywhere.  Re-posting from other social sites is a great way to update an outdated blog:

Pinterest:  Create boards with interesting content related to your service or business.  Post them and link it to your Bog, Twitter or Facebook. Its visual. It is so easy too.

Goodreads: My newest favorite site. You read don’t you?  Well, post your books, review them, link up with other readers of subjects that pertain to your business and interests.  Post them and then link it to your Blog sidebar widgets menu.  It tells people you are interesting, updated, and on top of your game.

LinkedIn: Post articles that you are reading from a variety of sources….”Like” magazines on you business Facebook page and tons of articles will come across you desk daily.  Like them, share them, re-post them on your other social media sites.  Write a brief Blog opinion about that article.  Show people what you do everyday–learn and grow.

Twitter:  It has not been a favorite of mine since the beginning.  How can a small business compete with celebrities and large corporations?  Well, its just a news-feed if you follow the companies and people that are part of your business.  Scroll down a couple of times a day and learn what people are saying–people who you respect and admire in your industry.  Re-tweet, link that tweet to your Facebook or Blog.  Its circular, share the love and information.

Instagram: Its just putting all those pictures you take, or save, or find (quotes too) and post them to your Instagram account.  Who says a lawyer can’t post something of interest to his or her clients?  Interesting courthouses, judges, or prosecutors (like My lady in South Africa that is flooding the news.)  There must be something that leading people in your industry post, see what it is and then do your own thing.  You will pick it up.

It only takes an understanding of multi-tasking to really get the hang of finding information for your Blog.

And to go back to the Facebook posting from my friends business, really?! You have nothing else to post other than to direct people to your outdated blog?  No jokes, no quotes, no articles you have read.  How about an excerpt from your book that is so prominently displayed everywhere?  You wrote a book, you have lots to say!

It is time consuming, I get it.  I do it all day and really, and I mean really, do not want to do it for myself too.  But it has to be done.  Once a month, once a quarter.  Come on, we can all do once a year.

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