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Who Is Your Audience?

“Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter
and addressing it to Whom It May Concern.”
 (Ken Haemer, ATT)

Running a business (and I mean any business) without a specific audience/customer in mind, is exactly the same.  When you try to connect with everyone, no one really pays attention.

And why should they?  Not everyone wants, or needs, what you have to offer, so why try to sell to everyone?

Sure, I know, with all the buzz over “how to connect with customers through social media”, we hurry out to post, but forget to sit down and figure out who really is our customer.  And should we take that precious time out of our already busy schedules?   A customer is a customer, right?

Sure, social media is attractive because it covers the whole world. Anyone can be your customer now, but that is not really true.  So before you start tweeting about the next big thing in your business, maybe its time to rethink your original business plan.

Go back to your mission statement.  Your marketing plan. Think about why you started your business, and who you were out to help.  Your customer, who was that?

Just because you have the twitter universe to capture peoples attention doesn’t mean that your business should target all the people in that universe. First of all, its too stressful to think about talking to everyone in the universe.  And second, who has time for that?

Let’s look at one of the best marketing brands in the Universe: Nike.

Do they know their audience?

Well, if you go to their website and read their mission statement it says:



Is it everyone in the world?

Ok, well they are thinking big, but if you look at their real audience, you will see that they are doing their homework.

Kobe-Bryant-YOU-SHOWED-US-Nike-Ad-2 nathan_sorrell_fyg nike-ads-yesterday-you-said-tomorrow_large nike-butt nike-just-do-it2

Nike knows their audience.  They understand their customers.

So now its time for you to do the same thing.

First Rule:  Know Who Your Customer Is

  • Study them
  • Walk in their shoes
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • How do they make a difference in the world?
  • Imagine their day….hour-by-hour
  • What do they earn? Does it matter how much they earn?
  • How do they live?  How do they spend their time?
  • What do they dream about?
  • What did they look like as a kid?  What did they play? What shaped their psyche?

Second Rule: Know what they care about.

  • Now link yourself to that purpose.

nike-women-make-yourself-monica-byrne-wickey 101424285_640

Once you know and understand what motivates your audience (customer), you can present that idea to them in all of your marketing and messages.  Finding what they care about, and speak to their desire. That is what resonates with people in social media today.  Its not about everyone, its not about you.  Its about the people who connect with your idea.

And you have to sit down, write it out, put your answers in front of you, and then you can market your business.  Nike knows that everyone who has a body is an athlete.  But they are taking the time to learn what motivates those bodies, and then connecting their products to that desire.  Who wouldn’t pay more to get what is really deep inside us?

Figure it out before you start posting, tweeting, pinning, advertising…..

It will pay off.

Design Bear

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In Your Face Branding


I think you can guess from the bottle that this is milk, and guess what? It’s yummy!

Simple design, colors that attract the eye, splashing graphic.  It is all there to reach out and grab your attention from a shelf stocked thousands of products with same-old same-old packaging.  Square cardboard containers with milk….Beware, there is a new kid in town.

In a world where products have less than 30 seconds to capture our attention today, this is where graphic designers are going. Thinking out of the box, and with milk this one is really out of the box, and BAM, hit us with eye-catching, emotional images that get us to lay down the dollar.  Now, not too many consumers today remember the glass milk bottle, but images are popping up all over to recall the days of milk delivery.  Yummy?  Why of course, it says it right on the bottle!  Cool colors, and I don’t mean hip, I mean, cold and cool.  It has everything necessary to capture the attention of a new generation of milk drinkers who are all going vegan.  “Maybe this milk thing is worth a try?” they may ask themselves. (Well that might be a stretch, but you know what I mean)


OK, memories again.  Easy-Bake-Oven anyone?  Sure, every girl dreamed of one when she was seven, so why not bring back the current, grown-up version?  I personally love the snicker doodles, since they were the first thing I ever baked in “Home Economics” class.  But I do not know a single person, other than my Dad, who even knows what a snicker doodle is!  Who is this being marketed too?  40+ nostalgic?  Or are we looking to capture a generation of people who are not sure what that big, aluminum machine is next to the kitchen sink?  (oh, we cook in that thing….)  I love the idea.  It is cookies using the brilliant and easy to use pizza box packaging.  About time, right?


I saved the best, and most enduring for last.  Nothing new, but why mess with the tried and true.  Images speak to the heart.  We are so lost in our smart phones while walking down isles that when we glance up, for just a second, our eyes capture what we really need and desire.  Images.  “Oh, yeah,” says our brain.  “Fluffy needs a bath!”  Reach up, find the image that resonates with you….Bam.  Done.

Our eyes capture millions of images in milla-seconds.  Feed it.  There is no guarantee the product will outlast the solid brands, but if it has a good product within the packaging–with a realistic price–people will keep buying it.  Sadly many of these boutique brands today end up on TJMaxx shelves with red stickers on them, but they do make for a good holiday gift.

Is is trending?  or is it going to be the trend?  How do you think designers should approach packaging?

Design Bear