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Good Communications 101

Be a good communicator.


Everyone knows that in this Social media-marketing world, crowded with people of all ages, talking, tweeting, posting, reviewing, hash tagging….geez, how does one define a good communicator?

Like chit chat at a party, the noise being created today by “communications” is best described as chaos, but if you stop a moment and look around, you will see that nothing has changed from the days of three-martini lunches in smoke filled bars.  People want to make connections with each other. So put down your IPhone for a moment and figure out how to connect to people.

Writing, and I am not talking about novel/screenplay quality stuff.  I am talking about finding your voice in the written word.  Why do people freak out when it comes to writing out the simplest things?  The world of social media has given those fearful of writing a voice.  A one word-hashtag loving-emoticon-120 character-loving voice.  Better to make a connection and communicate something, then nothing at all.  Now that doesn’t mean you should write awful text.  Yes, you must write well.  Think about what your one word message is and then write about it.  Take time to look at it, decide if it says what you want.  Put it aside (if time permits) and then re-read and hit send.

Images.  I personally believe that humans think with their eyes. Use them. It is a known fact that posts with images get about two to three times more interaction than ones that are text only. Now a cute kitty will not make your quarter numbers more interesting, so think a moment before you attach irrelevant images to your posts, but add them.  Get a file going of images that resonate with you and when you are “writing” go there and see if anything makes sense to use with the posts. And remember that sometimes text is just as powerful as an image, step back and look at your communications.  What did you respond too?

Video. There are 60-year old women in the Midwest using YouTube to create thousands of followers over quilting…why then can’t you figure out how to use video to reach more people? Sit down and figure out what your 3 to 5 minute message should be.  Have props.  Take a speech class, or go to Toastmasters if you are uncomfortable with speaking, but find your voice and make a video.

Social Media has lots of mediums, pick one or two. Ok, Twitter and Facebook are the most talked about social media platforms, but there are other things that might suit you better. Google+, it is growing and easy to use. Yelp, a must in today’s service world.  Pinterest is your back up personality when it comes to business. SlideShare is my go to place when I want to see what the world is presenting. And do not forget to keep up your LinkedIn site.  It is your public resume.  Update it, post articles, and join groups.  Turn off the TV at night and begin to “socialize” a bit.

Respond.  And do it immediately or you will drown for sure. I have posted moderate to bad reviews on Yelp and when the owner responds quickly (or in many cases at all) it makes me feel like I matter to them and will give it another try.  And it’s not the freebies that work here, it is the response time.  If you got a letter in the mail you would respond, right?  Show you care.

Keep Your Focus.  Don’t let someone’s critique of your service make you freak out. Our parents were right when they told us, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.”  That is your mantra here.  Respond, but with a level headed approach.  Anger only hurts you.  Answer and respond to what they are really asking you.  Look within their posts and figure out what their agenda is and why they asked or posted such comments, then respond respectfully.

Good Luck!

Design Bear

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