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Be A Part of THIER Team

Haiti ShoesV3

Part of a good print piece is that the client is overjoyed with what is done.

“It’s exactly what I wanted,” they tell you.

And then you thank them for being on their team!

Yes, being on their team is important.

It saves time and ultimately puts out good work because it is a collaboration that results in exactly what the client wants.

And that fellow marketers is what we get paid to do–make clients happy.

I like to use portfolio pages to help customers realize how important their point of view is to any project.

Sure, I can wave my creative magic wand and create lots of interesting pieces, but the best pieces are when I have a structure and direction for what the project needs..

This poster started with text–and not everything you see here.

It also had an important conversation: It makes me think of muddy feet.


Their idea turns into color, format and structure. All that remains are some text issues that are easy to complete, and the Board is happy and ready for more things to be “designed.”

The process began with a team.

Knowing what the client “envisions” is like having it done.  Image and colors are chosen.  Font found.  Format.  Get draft out and approved.  Done, and done.

I have in my portfolio booklet other projects that started in the same way–text, but unlike this one there were several go arounds for images and colors.  And we all know the infamous “I’ll know it when I see it.”  Don’t do that.  Don’t be so eager that you don’t get what they envision.  I show them all the drafts and versions that took several days to go back-and-forth between meetings.  In the end they knew what they wanted –just felt it wasn’t appropriate to mention (“I’m really not that creative”)

And they don’t all go that easy either, but figuring out if we are all driving in the same vehicle makes it much easier to get to the destination.  Time and cost effective, and most importantly it makes the relationship stronger because we are on the same “creative team.”

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