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Lessons From History


Art is something that must be taken in context.

Looking at a big stone wall with carved figures is something easily passed up on the way to view Matisse, but every business person needs to stop for a moment and glance at this incredible marketing piece.

Here is one of the first Kings of the Assyrian civilization, yes, the man on the left wearing a watch.  Over three thousand years ago, this wise King knew that he had to advertise his power and strength to the masses, so he had carved in stone a life-size model with all his best attributes. Through symbols of the day he was telling his people that he was rich, smart, chosen by God, and had strength and wisdom.  He also put in a few things that scared them into not questioning his authority.

The King knew what his tag line was: Follow me and I will protect you. Fight me and I will kill you!

We all know that art was just propaganda for an illiterate society for thousands of years, but what is striking here is that this Assyrian King used what was most common in his time and country, large stone walls in front of the city.  Everyone walked here to the market, so that is where his message went.  Not inside the castle where the common man did not go, but right where everyone could “read it!”

Visual marketing impact that reached the most people possible.

Oh there were words scribbled along it as well, but for the most part, the images in stone touched the people– and they got it.

Do people get yours?  Where is your message anyway?

If your ADs are hidden, who is going to find you? Respect you?  Buy from you?

Is it somewhere where everyone goes?  Say Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter?

Don’t miss the ability to reach people out of fear.  Social Media works.

Just ask the Assyrians, they ruled for for for several hundred years!


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