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Are You Really Listening?


I have a client who made me administrator to their Facebook.  I poked around and then saw a message from a new “friend” with a question that sounded a bit setup, perhaps a competitor.  It hit a chord with the owner.

“How do you delete that,” she said.

“You cannot delete it,” I told her and her business planner. “You must respond to it.”

I put together a response, directing our new friend to come and visit, check things out for herself and not rely on rumors to make a decision about using the services.  I sent it off to the owner on Monday morning.

Tuesday she was working later in the afternoon and would check it out. Wednesday she was going to do it.  Friday morning I was preparing to fire her as my client and then it appeared, as written. Done.

Understand that answering tough questions is part of owning a business.  Its like parenthood.  You cannot not answer questions. You cannot delete them or avoid them.  They will come back to bite you.

In this case the “rumor” was about certification.  Reality?  It’s not required in the state.  Response?  I have a many years of training and am a compassionate and caring provider.  Come in and meet me.

Done, with style and class.  (of course it was six days late, but better that it was done.)

Don’t take criticism for granted.  It is a gift.

And the firing part–I need clients to trust me or social media will not work.  Now the client is more confident in something that was a concern–in me and the certification.

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