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Know What Your Customers Need

Do you know what your customers need?

Of course you do, it’s your business to know because your customers need is your primary aim.

Your business is set up to meet that need, right?

Do we really know what they need or do we sometimes we think we know?

Marketing is set up, AD’s placed, Social Media Strategy initiated, and then?  Little or nothing.

Why do our messages have so little impact when we have what customers need?

Could it be that our messages are self serving?

Take a look at the Blind Man….



Now watch the results of such a subtle shift of what his customers really need.

Powerful. Simple. (not to mention readable and legible graphics)

The blind man has needs…money.

But the “customers” don’t care about his need for money.

They do care that they feel sad that he cannot see the the beautiful day.

Subtle but effective.

Know what your customers need.

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