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A Lesson in Typography

After quite a few years working in Marketing, I found myself  having an “ah-ha” moment that literally took my breath away.

It was the first day of my Graphic Design Program in a class called Typography.


What was this mystical subject that Graphic Designers made inside jokes about behind my back?

Typography: one of the most magical subjects to ever delight the heart and spirit.

It’s playful, knowledgeable, whimsical, harsh, dangerous, silly, adventurous, and, oh so necessary, to every single person in Business and Marketing.

Sadly, it is also one of the most undervalued and overlooked tools by those very same people.

Why so important?

Because when shown proper typography, the eye will stop, breathless upon the subtle beauty of words–readable and legible.
The consumer will not glance over such text, but will stop and absorb the meaning of the words placed before them.

Poetry?  of course!  Necessary for an effective campaign that contains words?  of course!

It’s not magic!  It’s science.

Words and text have rules.
Simple rules, when followed make content more readable, legible, and hopefully, will allow the reader read it!

Glance upon this nicely done poster found on Pinterest:

Typography 101

A beautiful illustration of the subtle importance of learning Typography.

A tweak of space here or there will keep the eye in place just long enough to capture one or two more readers to your content.

Simple science.

But its only step one.

Master spacing and then the real fun begins.  Fonts.

My second “ah ha” moment.

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Design Matters

We are our bodies
We are our bodies

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, I was reminded of a company that changed everything for me, Bespoke Innovations. They have a core belief: “We envision the day when individuals are invited to participate in the creation of the products that have meaning to them on a fundamental level.”  Everybody body is different for them.  They live it, breath it, design for it, and have much to teach everyone about business.

Bespoke Innovations has taken the violent act of amputation and turned it into art for the soul.

Not merely designing something useful or beautiful, but really listening to their customers.  “I need to be whole again.”

Asking them what is most important. “I need to express myself everyday.”

Offering solutions to the problems. “How can I live with this everyday and be proud?”

Turning something ordinary into a personal statement of confidence.

This is the core of what Design Marketing is all about.  

If we do not have a core vision, we cannot help our customers.

If we do not listen more than we talk, we cannot understand what our customers really want.

If we do not offer quality products and services everyday, we cannot (and should not) stay in business.

If we do not give our customers more than then they ever thought possible, we cannot truly grow.   A place we an all learn to do our very best.